Dave Evans

Specialties:Commercial, Office, Industrial
Direct/Text/Fax:+1 (361) 541-4417

David Evans consistently demonstrates a cool-headed enthusiasm to understand and meet the needs of the people he works with. He is always smiling, ready to get to know you, and an all-around great guy that induces comfort, confidence, and diligence in any situation.

His adventurous professional experience includes teaching wind surfing and sailing on the Laguna Madre and surrounding waters, sailing several Gulf of Mexico crossings as vessel captain, promoting the sport of bungee jumping out of hot air balloons in a Colorado valley, and building commercial spaces for Kinko’s as Superintendent of Construction traveling all around the country while meeting tight 30-day start-to-finish deadlines.

Dave took what he learned during his adventures to become a successful associate and then sales manager in hardware, recreational, and marine products. His favorite challenges were customers wanting to build something new. He helped them define their requirements and find the tools and parts needed to build innovative products such as a flying boat or an auto-pilot with robotic light beam that can recognize channel markers and self-correct. He thrived during interactive brainstorming with his repeat customers.

As a United States Merchant Marine Officer, he achieved his 100-ton Master Captain license with sailing endorsement, logging over 2,000 miles, while responsible for ship, crew, and passengers on vessels to 100 feet. His crew and passengers enjoyed his culture of professionalism radiating with light-hearted comfort. The kids especially enjoyed Admiral D. D., his black lab, always ready to shake their hands from the captain’s chair.

Dave’s 13-year career as a Corpus Christi fire fighter helped him hone his innate skills for shining a kind light onto the most stressful situations. His supervisory Fire Captain describes him as having, “a way of brightening any situation we found ourselves in, always had a smile when no one else could, and was the voice of calm and stability when most of us were losing our heads.” He is the guy you want to show up at your grandmother’s place after she has fallen and is scared. He’ll slowly kneel down beside her, look her in the eyes, calmly flash his big smile, and ask, “Who turned up the gravity in here?”

After retiring from the fire department, with encouragement from folks who love and know him best, he now brings his adventurous, innovative, and enterprising spirit to Cravey Real Estate Services, Inc. Raised in a commercial real estate family, Dave understands the importance of interpersonal communication, relationship building, commitment, and perseverance in finding and closing the best deal for you.

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Nothing but glory will make tight and fast our leaking and rifty vessels.
— Samuel Rutherford