Richard (Dick) Perry

Specialties:Commercial, Industrial, Land
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BACKGROUND: Dick’s roots run deep in South Texas. In 1922 his grandparents as a young couple with two children moved from Central Texas and established the Perry family farm located 10 miles south of Robstown. Dick was born and raised in Corpus Christi, and spent many long hot summer days working on the farm. After graduating SMU (BBA-Finance) Dick and his young wife Michele moved from Dallas and bought their first home on Del Mar Boulevard where they lived for fifteen years. In 1983 Dick and his family moved to the Perry Farm, and continue to reside there to this day.

CAREER PROGRESSION: After college Dick began working with his dad and brother farming, ranching and related agribusinesses. He serves as a Trustee and Business Manager of the Perry Foundation (a private foundation established for the benefit of agricultural and oil and gas producers in Texas) which was established by his grandfather’s brother M. G. (Mit) Perry in 1946 and continues to this day.

As Dick’s family and work responsibilities grew, his skills have by necessity developed and expanded into various areas of real estate such as property ownership, management and appraisal. Not only does he have extensive experience handling agricultural property rights (both surface and mineral) but those rights pertaining to urban property as well. He has experience overseeing client’s ownership interests in agricultural and commercial real estate such as farms, grain elevators, livestock feedyards, warehouses and office buildings.

Attorneys and their clients find his assistance extremely useful. From gathering pertinent information and title searches, to document review for transactions and estate planning, his skills translate into savings to his clients.

EXCEPTIONAL ACCOMPLISHMENTS: His extensive experience enables Dick to represent property owners/buyers at the real estate marketplace with the negotiating skills and good judgement required for a successful trade. Some examples are:
1) He served as Chairman of the Board at The Bank of Robstown for five years and helped guide the stockholders to a very successful sale to Norwest Bank (later Wells Fargo).
2) He prepared in excess of 80 commercial real estate (mostly detailed narrative type) appraisals of hotels, retail centers, office buildings, stand-alone retail buildings; apartments, vacant urban land, and farm or ranch property.
3) In 2014 he facilitated a 1031 EXCHANGE sale his client’s two 1,250-acre farms at 4.5 times the initial purchase price 9 years prior.

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