Testimonial - Gig Codiga

Dear Matt:

Now that we are completely finished with leasing and rehabilitating McKessons’s surplus property in Corpus Christi, I wish to thank you for NAI/Cravey Real Estate Services’ great and much needed assistance.

First, the subject property had been listed for many years prior to you receiving the assignment. During this time we had no activity on the space. Within 30 days of your involvement, we had several possibilities. By the end of 90 days, we had completed a reasonable transaction which, I might add, would have taken much longer if you had not anticipated the issues of a prospective tenant.

For example, you went out and arranged for the best roofing contractor to analyze the roof, a mechanical contractor to review the HVAC, and a general contractor to estimate the cost and type of improvements needed to demise the facility, all at no cost to McKesson. That effort alone puts you as my top service provider for 1992 and I deal with at least 50 service providers each year.

Furthermore, you constantly took the initiative to communicate and visit with our local operators. Thus, reassuring them that their activities would not be disrupted and heading off trouble, answering or solving problems before they became political time bombs.

Without my requesting or additional payment, you oversaw the construction activities and stayed with the challenges until they were resolved.

Though you were my representative, I appreciated your fair mindedness and solid advise when you felt the tenant was within their rights, or not.

You never over inundated me with phone calls, faxes and letters. There is nothing I can’t stand more than to receive a fax, then a hard copy of the same letter, followed by a fax changing the previous fax and letter. Your communication was always on point.

Finally, if there really could be a finally with Matt Cravey, you understand the pressure, the time constraints, the inner workings of a corporation, and, what is necessary to service your client. Cravey Real Estate Services is, it says it is, an anomaly in today’s world.

I must add, Carole Hardy is, without a doubt, a keystone for NAI/Cravey Real Estate Services. Her follow through, knowledge of activities and getting you on the line in times of need made the activities flow smoothly.

Best Wishes, Matt and Carole

Very truly yours,

Gig Codiga
Director of Real Estate, McKesson Corporation