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2024 Newsletters

April 2024 - Cravey Real Estate Newsletter
-Individual Building Or Commercial Condo
-Negotiating The Sublease
-Screening For New Tenants
-Unusual Pieces Of Real Estate
-Extra Income From Campus Apartments
-A Step-Down Rental
-Commercial Real Estate Representation

March 2024 - Cravey Real Estate Newsletter
-Is Your Commercial Property Secure?
-Take Action For Overdue Rents
-In A Sale/Leaseback Check Tenant Stability
-Good Management Adds Value
-Things To Check With A Ground Lease
-The High Risk Problem Property

February 2024 - Cravey Real Estate Newsletter
-The Totally Neglected Property
-Real Estate Investment Consultants
-Corporate Shared Office Space
-Proper Balance Within A Shopping Center
-Question A Provision In The Lease
-Your Commercial Real Estate Brokers

January 2024 - Cravey Real Estate Newsletter
-Different Choices Of Rental Plans
-Communication Between Management And Owner
-Agreement Between Owner And Developer
-Refurbish For Future Profits
-The Need For Both Asset And Property Managers
-Your Real Estate Investment