Testimonial - Ted M. Anderson

It is a pleasure to write a general letter of recommendation for you and your company. Over the years we have worked a lot together in connection with buying and selling real estate as well as in your management and leasing services in connection with the real estate.

You stay on top of things and have performed outstanding real estate services for me. Although it sometimes takes a little longer than I wish due to the press of your business, you always do the things that you say that you will do and do them well. You have excellent support people and your experience allows you to find and utilize the top people connected with building maintenance, environmental impact studies and assisting us in finding the best contractors for build-out and the like.

One of your greatest assets is personal contact with brokers and knowledgeable owners and developers throughout the United States. You also have a great advantage through your New America network in being able to find out what is available and what is happening where and when the information is needed. The New America Network software is also a big plus for your organization and a great help to me in buying and developing shopping centers and other properties.

I look forward to continuing to work with you and thank you for your past assistance.


Ted M. Anderson
Attorney at Law,