Cravey Real Estate Services is no longer affiliated with NAI Global

Cravey Real Estate Services, Inc. is no longer affiliated with NAI Global. Cravey had been a member of NAI since November 1984 when the first assignment was to help Sam’s Club (Wal-Mart) find a location in Corpus Christi. Since then, Cravey has been involved in numerous transactions representing such well known companies like Airborne, US Bank, Alco Standard and McKesson Pharmaceutical. During the time with NAI, Cravey Real Estate Services was awarded the Eagle Award for outstanding service and recently received an award for over 25 years of membership. Matthew Cravey, President of Cravey Real Estate also served on the NAI Advisory Board for several years. According to Matthew Cravey, it was time to make a change but Cravey still has a great relationship with NAI Global and its members.