Matthew Cravey Featured in SIOR Report | Spring 2021

Matthew Cravey, President of Cravey Real Estate Services, Inc., was featured in the SIOR Report Spring 2021, “The Pandemic Pivot”.

Matt Cravey, SIOR, president of Corpus Christi, Texas-based brokerage and property management firm Cravey Real Estate Services, says while the temptation may have been to pull back and wait out the pandemic, he became more competitive. “You don’t score points on defense; you score points on offense,” he says. And he impressed upon his brokers that the company would not be slowing down; if there was an obstacle, they’d simply go around or through it, whatever it took to keep the momentum going.

The world didn’t cooperate—title companies, appraisers, and banks all had to begin to adapt to a post-COVID world reality as they awaited things to stabilize. “We’re not going back to normal. This is our normal, and it always has been,” Cravey says of his 46 years in business. “Things have not always gone smoothly since I’ve been in business, and you just adapt to whatever you know, whatever situation.”

Early on, as Cravey was forging ahead and working from his office, he caught the virus and gave it to his wife and youngest daughter. Contracting COVID-19 changed his perspective on working remotely and socially distancing in the office and the field with employees and clients. “When the customer sees how we’re acting in our office, they feel more comfortable interacting with us,” he says.”

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