Cravey Real Estate Paves the Way for Development with Recent Corpus Christi Land Sales

Cravey Real Estate Services, the leading commercial real estate firm in Corpus Christi, is pleased to announce the successful sale of two significant land development sites in Robstown (Corpus Christi), Texas. Spearheaded by the expertise of John Foret at Cravey Real Estate Services, these transactions mark milestones in the region’s real estate development. Both acquisitions are poised to be transformed into an expansive travel center, adding substantial value to the local landscape.

In the first transaction, John Foret represented the buyer, Fancy & Fancy Properties, LLC, in the acquisition of a 6.5 acre land site situated at the intersection of Interstate Highway 69 and County Road 48 in Robstown, Texas. Construction projects of a Big Kountry Travel Center and IHOP are expected to advance at the recently acquired site. As with the Gateway Travel Center, the upcoming development of a Big Kountry Travel Center and IHOP holds significant promise for positive community impact. The projects are expected to bring about a range of benefits, including job creation, as the establishments will require staffing across various roles, from hospitality to retail. The increased foot traffic to these facilities is likely to spur economic expansion by encouraging patronage of local businesses in the vicinity. Overall, these developments align with Robstown’s growth trajectory, offering not only economic advantages but also enhancing the community’s overall appeal and quality of life.

The second transaction involved the sale of 12.67 acres of prime land located at 2301 Interstate Highway 69 in Robstown, Texas. Representing the seller, C.C. Deluxe Properties, Ltd. et al., John Foret facilitated the sale to Victron Energy, a leading fuel distributor that specializes in developing world-class convenience stores and travel centers. Recognized for its excellence in growth, design and customer service, Victron Energy has garnered numerous accolades from major brands like Exxon and Shell. As a family-owned business, Victron Energy prioritizes innovative store designs that feature self-checkout options, electric vehicle charging stations, ethanol-free fuel, popular restaurant chains and car wash facilities. Preparations are currently underway for the newly acquired site, where Victron Energy is set to develop a truck stop to be called Gateway Travel Center. The establishment will offer Pilot diesel services, a Wendy’s restaurant and various other amenities. This strategic move underscores Robstown’s appeal as a growing hub for commercial development.

A wave of new businesses has been emerging in and around Robstown against the backdrop of the early stages of construction at Elon Musk’s new Tesla lithium refining facility, steering the town towards positive growth. The potential affirmative impact of the Tesla facility on Robstown and its neighboring small communities is considerable. It is poised to create employment opportunities, stimulate economic expansion and improve the overall infrastructure of the area. Moreover, the presence of a high-profile facility like Tesla’s refinery is likely to continue attracting additional businesses, fostering a supportive ecosystem and contributing to the local economy. This development will also draw attention to the region, potentially attracting investments and positioning the greater Corpus Christi area as an emerging hub for advanced technology and sustainable practices.

In conclusion, the new Tesla facility, surge of new businesses and upcoming developments like the Gateway Travel Center, Big Kountry Travel Center and IHOP are expected to catalyze positive transformations for Robstown and its surrounding communities, paving the way for further development opportunities and an increased value of real estate in the region.

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