Regional Profile - Tax & Incentives

Tax & Incentives

Potential Incentives

  • Renewal Community
  • Industrial Districts
  • Enterprise Zones
  • Foreign Trade Zone 122
  • Property Tax Phase-ins/Abatements
  • Single Freeport Exemption
  • Corpus Christi 4(A) Fund
  • Job Training
Retail Sales Tax
State of Texas
Nueces County
Corpus Christi

State Franchise Tax: .

25% of surplus or 4.5% of taxable income. Texas will be replacing its franchise tax with a Margins Tax.

Margins Tax

1% on gross receipts less compensation or cost of goods sold. Retailers and wholesalers will have a rate of .5% and sole proprietorships and general partnerships are exempt.

Texas has no personal income tax. Source:

Texas Comptroller’s Office