About Alice, TX

Alice Texas

Alice and Jim Wells County offer an endless vacation climate with the amenities of a world-class resort nearby.

Our strategic central location makes Alice ideal for companies to utilize all forms of transportation: rail, air, land or sea.

Community Profile

At the crossroads of highways US 281 and state 44, Alice is most centrally located in South Texas to connect the deepwater port of Corpus Christi with Mexico ports of entry in Laredo, McAllen and Brownsville and with the Interstate system of I 10, I 35,I 37 and I 69.

With a population of 19,010, Alice is the county seat of Jim Wells County which has a county population of 39,786. Equally important, the population of the trade area (counties contiguous to Jim Wells County less the population of Jim Wells County) is 445,731 according to the 2000 US Census. Of the trade area population, there is a labor force (16 years and older) of 200,508. The median family income for Alice is $34,276.00 and the median home value is $44,500. (factfinder.census.gov)

Alice is the Hub of the South Texas oil and gas industry with five major drilling companies, six international oilfield service companies, and an array of rental tool companies, completion and production companies and trucking companies.

Alice is the Hub of the South Texas health care community. The health care cluster in Alice consists of a 138 bed primary care hospital, kidney dialysis centers, heart center, cancer center, orthopedic clinic, nursing homes and rehabilitation centers.

Alice is the Hub of South Texas retail. A Super Walmart, HEB grocery, 6 banks, 5 hotels, 2 credit unions, 3 car dealerships and the Alice News Papers Inc. form the core of the Alice retail community.

Oil & Gas Production and Services

According to the US Department of Agriculture Economic Research Service, Jim Wells County is categorized as a mining dependent county. This means that mining contributed a weighted annual average of 15 percent or more of total labor and proprietor income over the three years from 1987 to 1989. By far, the majority of employees in the category “Mining” are in the area of oil and gas field services.

While oil and gas prices have been higher than expected recently, the long-term trend indicates that consumers will benefit from lower prices due to reduced costs of production. This lower cost of production will result from new oil and gas technologies that will lower the cost of exploration, development and extraction.

Oil WorkerAgriculture
Since the late 1800’s, agribusiness has been a heavy contributor to the economy of the Alice area and South Texas. The combination of rich, fertile soils and long growing seasons provide farmers and ranchers with ideal conditions. Agribusiness is the second most important source of income for the Alice area. The city is also one of Texas’ largest beef cattle centers.

Jim Wells County boasts more than 510,000 acres of agriculture land. Agricultural commodities include wheat, corn, hay sorghum, cotton, sunflower oil and melons. Cattle, goats, hogs, horses, exotic animals and aquaculture are also agricultural related commodities that are significant contributors to agribusiness in Alice and Jim Wells County.

Outdoor-Oriented Lifestyle

Enjoy the outdoor-oriented lifestyle of Alice Texas! With an abundance of wildlife, hunting, fishing,
and bird watching are favorite activities of those both living in Alice and visiting in the area.

Major Employers (Data as of August ’09)

Alice ISD (940)

Community Action Corporation of South Texas (700)

CC Forbes Corporation (672)

Spohn Health System (400)

Wal-Mart Supercenter (395)

Halliburton Energy Services (300)

Source: Alice Chamber of Commerce, Jim Wells County Economic Development Corporation