About Portland, TX

Portland, Texas is a city of over 10 square miles located in San Patricio County just north of Corpus Christi. With a current population of approximately 17,000, Portland is home to a diversified workforce serving Coastal Bend industries and businesses.

The city is accessible by two major highways, U.S. Highway 181 and Texas Highway 35. Portland is positioned as the gateway into Corpus Christi and other points south. Portland is location on two bays still provides excellent fishing, boating, sailing, swimming, and kite surfing.

Indian Point Park and Sunset Lake Park is the pier- and wade-fisherman’s first choice for a premiere fishing experience. Bird watching, nature study, children’s play area, as well as food and drinks are available. Some of the best wade fishing and bird watching can be found at Portland’s Indian Point Wetlands and Sunset Lake nature trails.

Most of all, Portland is a great place to live. With safe, upscale neighborhoods, award-winning schools and excellent city services, Portland is everything you want in a family town.

Portland, Texas

Located 7 miles north of Corpus Christi, Texas on U.S.181
City Area: 10.3 square miles
San Patricio County Area: 707 Square miles
Average Elevation: 34 Feet


Annual Averages
Rain: 30.13” Snow: 0″ Temp: 81o
Seasonal Temperature
January: 63o July: 95o


Year 1980 1990 2000 Present
City 12,023 12,277 15,413 19,410
County 58,013 58,749 67,138 69,209
State 14,229,000 17,045,000 20,851,820 22,859,968

Demographic Data

83.8% Caucasian 4.1% African American 1.1% Asian
0.6% American Indian 0.2% Pacific Islander 10.3% Other
73.9% Non-Hispanic 26.1% Hispanic

Tax Structure

Sales Tax
City: 2.00% State: 6.25%
Property Tax (Rate/$100 of assessed value)
City $0.5500
County $0.6300
School $1.7750
Drainage Dist $0.0950
Total Effective Tax Rate $3.0500


Average Household Income: $63,349
Average Age: 32
Single Family Homes: 4,141
Apartment Units: 1,595
Number of Churches: 17
Hotels/Motels: 5
Median Home Value: $140,000


25 years old & older:22% College Degree
Major Independent School District:Gregory – Portland
Number of Schools within District:7
Total enrollment: 4,439 Total number of staff: 584
Enrollment in 12th grade: 260 Average SAT Score: 1016
Number of private schools: 1 Public Library vols: 40,000
Universities / Colleges within 30 miles: 3

Municipal Services

Annual Budget: $10,055,000 Police: 30 (full-time)
Fire Fighters: 4 (full-time) 27 (volunteers) Number of Trucks: 6
Ambulance Service: Yes (contracted) Fire ISO Rating: 4
City Zoning Regulated: Yes Planning Commission: Yes
Public Library: Yes
Water Supplier: City of Portland
Plant Capacity: SPMWD-15 mgd; CCC-10 mgd Water Source: 3 lakes, 1 river
Ave. Daily Use: 1.74 mgpd Basic Rate: $13.15 for first 3,000gals
Sewer Supplier: City of Portland
Treatment Type: Contract Stabilization Present Load: 49%
Plant Capacity: 2.5 mgpd Basic Rate: $9.50 per 3,000 gals
Solid Waste Provider: BFI (Allied Waste, Inc.)
Basic Monthly Rates: Residential $13.19; Commercial $18.36
Pickup: 2 Days per Week Disposal Type: Landfill

Health Facilities

Number of Hospitals: 0
Number of Doctors: 14
Nurses: 1 14
Number of Dentist: 10
Number of Clinics: 4
Nearest emergency facility: Corpus Christi – Christus Spohn
Number of X-ray / Imaging Centers: 2
Number of Veterinarians: 3

Recreation Facilities

Community / Convention Center: 1
Municipal Skate Park: 1
Senior Citizen Center: 1
Golf Course: 1
Swimming Pools: 2
Beaches: 1
Lakes / Bays 2
Tennis Courts: 7
City Parks: 15
Public Fishing Pier: 1
Popular Area Activities: Kayaking, Kite-Boarding, Wind-Surfing, Hiking, Biking, Sailing, Hunting, Fishing, and Birding

Service Providers

Cable Company: Charter Communications
Electric Company: AEP / Central Power & Light Company
Natural Gas Company: Reliant Energy / Entex
Telephone Company: Verizon / GTE Southwest

Source: 2010 City of Portland Texas