Selling and Buying Commercial Properties

Whether you are looking to buy or sell commercial or industrial real estate, Cravey Real Estate Services has a trained specialist to help in the process.

South Texas is a large area and is growing by leaps and bounds.  You need someone who is familiar with the local rules, regulations, environmental and zoning requirements.

You need an insider to help make sure you do it right.

Cravey Real Estate Services is the most experienced commercial real estate agency in South Texas. We have worked with businesses of many sizes, from mom-and-pops to some of the largest businesses in the world, with capabilities on par with agencies from much larger cities.

Whether the name of the game is office, shopping center, commercial, industrial, or land, we have an expert in that area who can help.  A professional who knows the right people.  We’re on a first name basis with area municipalities, businesses and property owners and can make sure you don’t miss an opportunity or end up with lost deals. We will help you navigate the many rules and regulations, and tackle environmental and zoning hurdles so your project goes through more quickly, with fewer holdups.