Global Market Report: January 2009

The 2009 Global Market Report is a unique tool that reviews and summarizes the real estate activities of the past year on more than200 property markets worldwide. As a reference tool, it reviews values, economies, social factors and other conditions that impact a market. Each analysis was completed by the NAI Global Member representing the given market. These local professionals are expert at reviewing their markets, identifying trends and reporting market activity. TheNAI Global Member making the analysis for each market is identified and may be contacted for further information.

Most of the data in the Global Market Report was collected during the fourth quarter of 2008.Rental rates for Class A and Class B office space, retail and new construction are expressed in gross costs per unit area, indicating the landlord pays all expenses. Industrial space rents are quoted in terms of net rental rates, meaning the tenant pays for most of the operating costs, such as utilities, maintenance, and repairs and cleaning. On all charts, N/A means the information was not applicable or not available at press time.

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